Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am on such a tea kick lately. I am in love with tea! Here is my latest find, Cardamon Cinnamon by Republic of Tea....................... I am so low on beads, time to restock, but I managed to have enough to put these two Goddess bracelets together that will be mailed off to a friend. :-)


RowanDeVoe said...

i love the republic of tea's tea-my favourites! and, your bracelets are so beautiful! they look so pretty next to the little nest with eggs. i hope you are able to splurge on some new beads soon-that is always a fun thing to do!

Christina J. said...

Pretty bracelets!

My 9-year old son is really into tea lately. In the morning I will have a cup of coffee and have to make him some tea. I think he also enjoys that bit of quiet time to talk about what our plans for the day are before we head out the door.

CatHerder said...

Im waiting for some new posts from you..... :=)