Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snowy Day Beading

I finished the wand on the very left today. I had some good smelling candles burning and sipped chai tea and Jake napped with his head on my lap, while beading. The cute thing about Jake, he was having all kinds of dreams today. He was very verbal and he was smacking his lips and eating something in his dreams today. He has been on a diet since Dec. 8th and I think he was dreaming about eating his beloved cheese! (sweet Jake)


RowanDeVoe said...

these new wands are just so beautiful. i love how you have them displayed and the crystals on the plate below. wow, i am thinking back to using seed beads on my loom-i am thinking i would need one of those magnifying visors now. these are gorgeous and i love the colour combo's you come up with-endless and amazing. that is really funny about jake too! my little siamese cat would have dreams that she was either in a fight with someone or running-i never knew if should wake her-she got really excited in these dreams! poor jake and his cheese.

Christina J. said...

I really like the wands. :) The colors are great.