Saturday, June 19, 2010

Last Chants Studio

DiD you ever see something and not buy it and then have major regrets? Well I did. I went to a Ren Faire in Gig Harbor WA, probably 9 to 10 years ago and saw this amazing pottery. It was beautiful and spiritual. It just called to me.......... Well, I didn't have much money, my husband was back in school working on his second career in life, so I passed on this one piece. Well I always thought about it and hoped that I would run into the artist again one day. I didn't even know her name, but I could remember what she looked like. I thought about this piece for an entire year and made it back to the Ren Faire with money. Oh no, she wasn't there............ The next year, the same. I constantly thought about this piece. Well I am an ETSY addict and one day while doing a search for something, this piece of pottery popped up. I thought to myself, "wow, this looks just like the pieces from back in my WA. days." I purchased this piece and contacted the artist and yes, it was the same person. I couldn't believe that I finally found the piece that I NEVER forgot. Teri is "Last Chants Studio" and makes such beautiful and spiritual pieces. She is a wonderful person too, I am so glad that our paths have crossed again. ***** The piece that I purchased through ETSY wasn't the exact same piece that I saw over 9 years ago, but it was Teri's work again, and I love all of her art. I was happy to get this piece and hope to purchase a few more.

favorite toys from way back when.............

Here are two of my most favorite toys from when I was very young........... 1965-66............ They went every where with me, usually only one at a time. They are hand knitted and they wear handmade clothes. I got them on a family vacation in Weston VT. at the Country Store. (probably my favorite vacation destination as a child).......... I wouldn't mind visiting it today. :-)