Saturday, June 4, 2011


We had terrible storms here. We were under a tornado warning and a flash flood warning. I had never seen rain like that before, it came down fast and hard and did not let up for the entire night. The wind was wicked! The floods started around 1:30 am and stopped around 6:00am. When I was able to return home in the morning, I saw this little nest sitting on the side of the road. Some poor bird worked so hard just to have it blown out of it's tree. I hope that all the birds that made this home were alright, or maybe they were finished with it for the season. I had to salvage this and I will keep it somewhere special. This is probably the most perfect and beautiful nest that I have ever found. (and I only pick up ones that are on the ground, I would never take one out of a tree)....... Happily my home was safe from the storm. It is sad that some homes in town were flooded and there was some damage. There was also some damage to crops and farms. No one was hurt and that is the most important.


Christina J. said...

I am glad your house was not damaged. The best is perfect! A few years ago we had the same thing happen. We still have our nest on display.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank-you for getting in touch with me,Linda. What a time the world is having with floods and drought and wind.
How amazing to find this little adobe home in the midst of it all; a testimony to how tough they are that it didn't break!

When I had your problem I googled my problem as a question and was told to clear my computer's memory which means "cache and cookies" which means you go click on the Safety bar which is on the top right of your screen and you will get scroll down to "delete history". This worked for me.

I'll cross my fingers for you and send you dry wishes.

mamabeaks said...

thank you Enchanted Blue...... i tried it, but I still can't post to full page comment sections, only the pop up like mine here.... I will have to find someone in person to help me, I'm sure it is a setting problem but I don't know enough to fix it. I am not that great with the computer!

Angela Bell said...

Hi I must have missed this post,so glad "The Cosy House" is undamaged! Poor birds but wonderful nests. A baby rook fell down our lounge chimney into the fireplace.It was a fledgeling so I rescued it and put it in the back yard behind some pots. We fed it sugar water and it regained its energy and eventually although a sooty mess he flew away. lol Angela

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Oh Linda, I, too, struggle with the computer. I forgot to mention that after you clear the memory, you have to shut the computer down completely before starting it up again. I will continue to search for answers for you as I would be helpless without my support.
Meanwhile, I've been enjoying checking out your favourites on etsy.
Also meanwhile we are getting news reports about the Missouri River rising even more in North Dakota. Where's it all coming from??
Chin up.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

One thing that worked this last time I had trouble leaving comments was unclicking the "stay signed in" box which I had never clicked on in the first place. Those pesky computer gremlins must have.