Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I have been busy cleaning, rearranging, and purging! I dug out my depression glass and vintage glassware and decided to display it in my kitchen. The green depression glass is something that I have been collecting for ages, I decided that I might as well use it, such a pretty shade of green! The crystal clear saucers and ruby red cups were my Grandmother's, as well as the little blue dessert cups. My Dad told me that she would save her pennies and buy a new cup and saucer when she could. They were inexpensive pieces from some sort of a 5&10 store in Brooklyn, but they were poor in those days. So I know she treasured these, as she worked hard to get them, I remember them displayed in china cabinet when I was young. So here they are now in my kitchen, i love how the colors just brighten everything up!


Fala Cedar said...

Your display looks beautiful! It's so nice to have those little treasures from relatives passed, isn't it? I have some of my own grandmother's things that I want to display in my curio cabinet. I have her Hungarian dolls out already, but I need to bring out some more of her little nick-nacks. My grandmother did the same as yours, but rather than buy cups and saucers, she would buy Hummel figurines at Woolworth's when she could afford them. Back in the 60's, they weren't very expensive, so she amassed a pretty nice little collection. She liked them because they reminded her of her childhood in Austria and Hungary.

Angela Bell said...

Lots of interesting posts on your blog that I hve just caught up with.Hope you have not fallen over again! take care angela x

Jen Parrish said...

Beautiful color! I love vintage glass collections, you grouped them together so nicely!