Thursday, May 6, 2010

Max Equations

I still don't have my new memory card for my camera yet so I will use these photos from Max Equations............ I love linen and natural fiber clothing. I found this company and have ordered a few things. I absolutely love the clothing and love wearing it. I just ordered these two linen tops/tunics. The top one I ordered in lupine, a lovely blue and had them hand paint a design on the bottom. The second one I ordered in the rust color shown without the added painting. This is a husband and wife team and everything is done by hand, love it!


CatHerder said...

ooh i love you remember the "bluefish" not sure if theyre around anymore, but i LOVED their stuff

mamabeaks said...

Hi Teri, yes I do remember and this couple that makes maxequations are former artists and employees of bluefish.