Sunday, August 23, 2009

meditation wand

I wanted to post a picture of this wand that i finished last night. the colors remind me of the fall season. i also am very happy to have found a source for shed antlers.


RowanDeVoe said...

wow! i LOVE THIS WAND! i think maybe it is a good thing that i won't be at your show! i love the colours you used so much-they are very fall. i love that used a shed antler-it must have a wonderful, smooth texture. i love the beads as well-you pick out fabulous colour combinations. it is all pure magic. the stencils are beautiful as well. fantastic!

mamabeaks said...

oh thank you so much, yes these must be shed antlers otherwise i just couldn't use them. it would feel wrong! thanks about the stencils, that one is my favorite and i hope it never wears out!